Ilker's Flight - Days of Inclusion 2018

Ilker Salyovlu is a seventh grader from "St. Paisii Hilendarski" primary school in Ezerche, whose biggest dreams are to be able to walk and to fly. He is one of the winners of the "On the wings of my dreams" contest, part of the Centre for Inclusive Education's "Days of Inclusion 2018" campaign.

Ilker entered the contest and won the jury's hearts with hand-made imaginary wings and the exciting story of his two greatest dreams: His first, as yet unattainable, dream is to get out of his wheelchair; to be able to run and play with his peers. The second dream seems even more impossible – "I dream to fly among the clouds, to see the world from up high and to feel as if I had wings" – young Ilker writes in his letter to the Centre.

But for the principal of Ilker's school – Mrs. Zyuleyha Karman – there are no impossible things. When she learns about Ilker's prize and his dreams, she decides, at all costs, to realize his dream of flying.